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We offer assistance at every stage of software production from planning and design through implementation, testing and finally servicing ready products.



We create software from scratch and offer solutions that expand the range of products through adding new functionalities, thanks to which their potential is maximized and they fulfil even the most unique expectations. With our vast experience at all stages of software production we provide comprehensive IT services.

We offer:

  • Creation of dedicated software
  • Integrations of applications
  • Optimization of applications
  • Maintance and development of the existing systems



We help our Clients improve their performance by optimizing their IT solutions. We choose such solutions which will help achieve the expected benefits. We support our Clients in that we cooperate to develop business concepts, development and innovation processes.
We offer support in the following areas: Software engineering process management, Security and quality audits, Business and system analysis, Project management

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Software engieneering process management
  • Security and quality audits
  • Business and systems analysis
  • Project management



We adopt a comprehensive approach to data management in a company, because it holds valuable and potentially useful knowledge, which should be used to make the right decisions. Based on various techniques we obtain strategic information for our Client.

We carry out:

  • Real time data processing
  • Data medelling and analysis
  • Data Mining



We help our Clients gain a foothold in the mobile world, where mobile devices enable access to important data and functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of where we are. To ensure that our Clients can enjoy the best possible accessibility of applications, we create them using the most popular technology platforms.

We develop mobile applications for such platforms as:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone


These days the benefits and advantages resulting from the implementation of IT solutions are beyond doubt. Computers revolutionized the whole world, the computer market is developing uninterruptedly, and the competition is growing as well. Therefore our offer is worth considering.


We are continuously developing ourselves and our products, improving and designing new ones, by employing the best state-of-the-art technology.

mTrack GPS Platform


mTrack - is a calculation platform for real-time processing of the data that is gathered remotely from mobile devices around the world. Thanks to the use of innovative solutions and high performance it is able to rapidly detect expected events. Additionally, advanced data modelling integrated into Business Intelligence platform enables the user to generate complex reports.


Global IT expenses in 2013 and a forecast for 2014 and 2015

mPolion Procurement Coordination Platform


mPolion - is a universal IT tool that enables efficient order management and lowers order processing costs. Thanks to online communication the coordinator can immediately access the number of ordered products, while the user has a constant access to the newest and the most attractive offers.



@Mariusz UstyjaƄczuk

Manager in Deloitte

Ekosystem is a mine of ideas. From the first contact I had a feeling that they were specialists. I charged them with all following projects.

@Jerzy Berezowski

Director w AutoGuard Innovations

We have been cooperating with Ekosystem since 2008. They are reliable, committed and competent and they meet deadlines. Ekosystem is a very dependable and professional partner worth recommendation.

@Miguel Ribeiro

CEO at Fonte-Viva, CEO at Invespri SGPS SA

Collaboration with Ekosystem is a pleasure. Their work is well organized and full of amazing ideas. They are always on time and create products with perfect quality. I highly recommend it.


For the past few years the number of smartphones in Poland has been on the increase. There is a growing tendency among Poles to use them for every-day activities such as paying, navigation, accessing their email accounts or browsing the Internet. The increasing popularity of those devices caused a rapidly growing demand for dedicated mobile applications which function as another access channel for the clients or simply a prestigious internet activity. Making an effort to meet our clients’ needs we provide comprehensive software engineering services for all currently available mobile platforms with iOS, Android and Windows Phone in the lead.

63% Polish internet users have smartphones
(source: wirtualnemedia.pl)


46% smartphone users use mobile applications
(source: jestem.mobi)


30% Polish internet users have tablets
(source: wirtualnemedia.pl)


Sectors with which we cooperate:

  • transport and freight forwarding
  • construction companies
  • property developers
  • supermarket chains
  • administrators
  • real estate
  • municipality companies etc.


Companies invest in mobile solutions

An analysis conducted by Symantec shows that the number of companies using mobile applications is increasing. Over 80 pct. owners of Polish businesses said that they at least considered their implementation, and almost 50 pct. confirmed that they had already done that. The results of the „State of Mobility” survey prove that Polish business people believe in the mobile solutions market and the benefits resulting from their introduction into their business activity. (source: brief.pl)

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